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"Laura Hammond is a highly skilled stage manager whose perceptiveness and attention to detail make her an indispensable member of any creative team. Her ability to “just know” how cues should work and exactly where to place them within any sequence is unsurpassed anywhere in my experience. She commands an enormous amount of respect and affection with whomever she works."

Mark Doubleday - Lighting Designer

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"I have worked with Laura a number of times and she has always proved to be an expert, delightful and utterly reliable member of the team. She is also a really sensitive and sympathetic individual whose understanding of the production process and the strains it places on people makes her a great person to work alongside in her role as a member of any Stage Management team. Her technical skills are an added bonus. I would have no hesitancy about recommending her to anyone who was contemplating employing her." ​

Colin Blumenau - (Director and Producer of The Production Exchange)​​

"I have worked with Laura Hammond on numerous occasions. She has been a Stage Manager and a Company Manager on shows which I have either written or directed or both. Laura is my Stage/Company Manager of choice. Thorough, with an eye for detail, Laura is always ahead of the game. Seeing and dealing with things before they become a problem. She is self motivated, reliable and a great Company member. 

Laura has a passion for theatre, so she can contribute as an artist as well, often bringing solutions to challenges in the rehearsal process. Lively, intelligent and with a great sense of humour she is an asset to any company."​

​Danusia Iwaszko (Playwright and Theatre Director)

"Laura is one of the best Company/Stage Managers I know. She is always a delight to have on the team. Her attention to detail when scheduling, organising, reporting or trouble-shooting is fantastic. She is sensitive to the needs of the people involved whilst maintaining the quality of the production. I place much trust in her ensuring a happy team, a well prepared process and a reliable, positive and thorough work ethic. She is an accurate re-lighter and a lovely team member whether on a site-specific show or a touring production. I can't recommend her enough."

​Dr Sue Buckmaster - (Artistic Director of Theatre-Rites)

"Laura is a fantastic stage manager. She is amazingly organised (even when we change the props and scenes daily), keeps her cool under pressure and is quite simply a joy to be around. 
Devising can be stressful especially when, if, like us, you continue to make changes up until the last minute.  Laura, however, is not only more than able to cope with an ever-evolving show, but her confidence and openness at handling anything that is thrown at her actively encourages you to play and gives you more freedom. In our experience she is one of the best in her field."

Little Bulb Theatre

"Working with Laura has always been an extremely positive experience; her attention to detail, problem solving skills and wide ranging knowledge has made her a key member of the team creating new work in challenging non-theatre sites. Laura is great at keeping the whole company focused on the task and everything is achieved with a brilliant sense of humour which makes working with her a real joy."

Simon Daw - (Designer)