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CSM: One Man Two Governors, New Wolsey Theatre

SM: The Dickens Girls, British Youth Music Theatre

CSM: Grandma Saves The Day, New Wolsey Theatre

CSM: Big Up, Theatre-Rites & 20 Stories High, UK Tour

CSM: Orpheus, Battersea Arts Centre, Grand Hall

Rehearsal CSM: Cinderella, New Wolsey Theatre

CSM: The Welcoming Party, ​Theatre-Rites (Ruhrtriennale Festival, Germany)
TSM:  Missing, Gecko Theatre Ltd (Greece)
TSM:  DoppelDanger, She Goat (UK Tour)
CSM: Show, Hofesh Shechter II (Dance East, Ipswich)
CSM: Our Blue Heaven, New Wolsey Theatre
CSM: Dad Dancing, Battersea Art Centre (CTN Tour)
CSM: Red Riding Hood, New Wolsey Theatre

CSM: Red Riding Hood, New Wolsey Theatre
CSM: Orpheus, Little Bulb & Battersea Arts Centre (Brisbane, Australia)
CSM: Extravaganza Macabre, Little Bulb & Battersea Arts Centre  
CSM: The Welcoming Party,Theatre-Rites (Manchester International Festival)
TSM: Neverland, Battersea Arts Centre & Tom Penn (UK Tour)
CSM & Relighter: Beasty Baby, Theatre-Rites (UK Tour)

CSM: Beasty Baby, Theatre-Rites (Nottingham Lakeside Arts)
CSM: Institute, Gecko Theatre Ltd (Nuffield Southampton)
CSM: ​Extravaganza Macabre, Battersea Arts Centre & Little Bulb
CSM: Institute, Gecko Theatre Ltd (Romania, Sibiu)
PM & Relighter: Fagin's Twist, Avant Garde Dance & The Place (UK Tour)
CSM & Relighter: The Broke 'N' Beat Collective, 20 Stories High & Theatre Rites (UK Tour)​​

SM: Town Hall Cherubs, Battersea Arts Centre
SM: Nativity Blues, Eastern Angles Theatre Co.
CSM: Orpheus, Little Bulb & Battersea Arts Centre (UK Tour)

SM: Chicken, Eastern Angles & Unity Theatre (The Roundabout, Edinburgh)
CSM: Two Sides Live Event, A Taste of Space & Cornetto (Westfield Stratford City)
SM: Missing, Gecko Theatre Ltd (Mexico Tour) 
TSM: The Red Chair, Clod Ensemble (UK Tour)
SM: Missing, Gecko Theatre Ltd (Battersea Arts Centre)
SM: Institute, Gecko Theatre Ltd (UK Tour)

SM: The Lamplighter's Lament, Night Light Theatre (The Minories)
CSM: Institute, Gecko Theatre Ltd (UK Tour)
ASM: Ragnarok, Eastern Angles Theatre Company Ltd (Site Specific, Hush House, Bentwaters Park)
PRODUCTION MANAGER/CSM: Missing, Gecko Theatre Ltd (UK & Worldwide Tours - Colombia, Russia, Poland, China)

PRODUCTION MANAGER/CSM: Missing, Gecko Theatre Ltd (UK & Worldwide Tour - Malta, Georgia)
SM: The Long Life & Great Good Fortune Of John Clare, Eastern Angles (Rural Tour)
DSM: Romeo & Juliet, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds)

DSM: Mansfield Park, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds (UK Tour)
CSM: Missing, Gecko Theatre Ltd, (UK Tour)
CSM: Still Small Voice, The Hal Company (Site Specific - Quaker Meeting House)
ASM: Stagefright, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds (Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds)
ASM: Dick Turpin's Last Ride, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds (UK Tour)

CSM: Darkness, Lakeside Theatre (Edinburgh Festival: Zoo Venue)
SM: Headlands, The Hal Company (Mercury Theatre & The Cockpit Theatre)

DSM: ​The Two Of Us, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds (Rural Tour)
DSM: Between The Cracks, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds (Rural Tour)
SM: Fish, Gomito Productions (Site Specific: Eaton Park, Norwich)
SM: Let Newton Be!, Menagerie Theatre Co. (Tour)

SM: Re:Design, Menagerie Theatre Co. (UK Tour)
CSM: Stand By Your Van, Menagerie Theatre Co. (Pleasance Grand, Edinburgh)
CSM: Hotbed Festival 2009, Menagerie Theatre Co. (The Junction, Cambridge)

TSM: By The Way, ChoppedLogic (Pleasance Below, Edinburgh)