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About Laura Hammond

I studied Drama at University, which was partly practical, but mostly a literature based degree. I went into it saying that I’d be a teacher to appease the parents, but to be honest I didn’t know what I exactly wanted to do, I just knew my career had to be involved in Theatre in some shape or form. After completing my Degree and Technical Internship I initially started creating and directing my own work involving puppetry and performed in a number of small productions. Creating my own work reinforced my passion for backstage and it was through this that I decided to take up Stage Management full time.

I have now worked extensively as a Stage Manager which has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience from touring around the UK as well as internationally to the likes of Malta, Georgia, Colombia, Russia, Poland, China, Romania and Mexico! I enjoy working in a variety of fields, such as Dance, Physical Theatre, Musicals and Theatre. As a result I think this has benefitted me in being able to quickly adapt to a diverse range of situations.

I was with Gecko when their set was tragically lost in the fire at Battersea Arts Centre in 2015. My Stage Management Team was commended for our efforts on bouncing back from this event by rebuilding the entire production within 2 months to then tour to Mexico, as we won the Stage Management Associations Team of the Year Award.